Finding Creative Commons Content

Here is a list of platforms you can search for music, sound effects, images, videos, and other content under a Creative Commons license. Thank you to the members of the Association of Independents in Radio and the Berkman Center’s Youth and Media Team for compiling this!! Most of the content listed on these platforms have a CC license. Make sure to look at each selected SFX and music track to ensure you’re correctly attributing name, titles, etc.


  • “It’s not just free; it’s good music” free music archive.
  • Creative Commons licensed albums.
  • A site for bands to upload their music for download. Some downloads are free and some are not so you have to do some searching around this site before you can use certain songs.
  • Social Networking site built around independent artists uploading their music under a Creative Commons 3.0 license.
  •– At this website Kevin MacLeod offers his royalty free music creations under the Creative Commons License. There are many different types of instrumental music at this site.

Sound Effects:

 General Searches:

  • Offers a large selection of audio, video, and text documents under CC.
  • Search: The creative commons search allows you to choose which type of license you want to search for and then you can saerch on several different platforms from one interface. (, Flickr, Google, OWL, SpicXpress, Yahoo)
  • Community powered search engine.
  • Google Advanced Search: Allows your google searches to restrict it to CC licensed items.
  • SpinXpress Get Media Search: Choose what kind of media you are looking for under what license and find what you need.
  • Wikimedia Commons: Creative Commons Arm of Wikipedia.
  • Yahoo Creative Commons Search: A version of yahoo that allows you to search for Creative Commons items.
  • A large collection of Creative Commons media and other freely available content.


  • Flickr Creative Commons search: A specialized search for Flickr that allows you to only see photo’s that are offered under the Creative Commons license.
  • This is a search tool by Flickr that allows you to search for CC licensed images.
  • Thousands of backgrounds for free.
  • Offers free- to- use professional looking clipart.
  • Mixed Media hosting site. Within the site you can find clearly marked Creative Commons licensed photos.
  • Collections of tutorials and how-to photographs.
  • A huge collection of free CC licensed concert photography. The only condition is that you must give proper credit with a hyperlink or footnote.


  • Contains millions of texts. Most are licensed under Creative Commons License but not all so make sure to check each one of them out before using it.
  • Contains thousands of texts about destinations from all over the world.
  • Collections of poems, and essays that are free to use.
  • LibriVox: Provides free audiobooks from the public domain. Several options for listening or reading.


  • Users can search on each type of Creative Commons styles to make sure they are viewing what they need.
  • A media resource for people to upload shared works that are CC licensed.
  •  A video sharing website that automatically defaults all new videos to the CC license unless you specify otherwise.
  • Search Creative Commons

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